Sustainable Energy Resources.

Save Big On Your Electric Bill

Getting a New Roof? Make it a solar roof.

There’s no better time to go solar than when you’re replacing your roof. With our roofing experts, it’s easy to upgrade to roof-integrated solar and start saving money on energy bills.

Solar Roofs

A unique way to bring solar power to your home.

Save On Electricity

When you add solar from R E Roofing, your roof can produce clean electricity at a cost that’s lower than your utility company. This approach pays for itself and your new roof with lower utility costs and government incentives.


Working with our certified team of roofers to go solar means your new roof, and its integrated solar panels are covered under the same industry leading 25-year warranty that you’ve come to appreciate from us.

Solar Has Never Been Simpler

We offer low-profile, elegant solar that installs like skylights, ensuring a beautiful, water-tight roof that produces clean energy.  It has never been simpler to turn your roof into an asset that works for you.

Daylighting With Solatubes

Shed light on the best things in life. (Federal Tax Credit Available)

Our Solatube system is engineered to efficiently capture light throughout the day, while brightening your home beautifully.

Installation requires no structural changes and is completed in just hours. This will bring in an amazing amount of light from any angle, throughout the day and the year.

Pay less on your energy bill today while converting dark spaces into places you love.


Bring a little light to your life. (Federal Tax Credit Available)

Up to 90% of our time is spent indoor, so maintaining a friendly, and open atmosphere is very important.

We are able to create better living environments by bringing daylight, and fresh air into people’s homes all over the bay area.

Our daylighting products also help create bright, healthy and energy efficient environments to live, work, learn and play.

Solar Screens

Live Comfortably, Reduce Glare And Protect Furnishings.

  • Solar screen fabric is designed to control light without eliminating it. Like sunglasses for your windows, solar screen fabrics reduce glare while allowing excellent outward visibility without creating a “closed in” feeling.
  • Solar screen on windows can cool rooms up to 15 degrees in warm climates making the home or other living area much more comfortable in the hot summer months with the highest rated solar screens and block up to 90% of the sun's heat.

Skylift Roof Risers

The Simple Solution To Patio Cover Problems!

Our exclusive riser system is an innovative, fresh way to give your outdoor living space exactly what it’s been missing. Let our team get creative and match your brand new roof with outdoor furnishings, lighting, and more.

The riser hardware gives you what no other patio cover product can; pristine airflow that offers ventilation for those BBQs during the summer and cozy fire pit nights in the fall.


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