In 1996, We Started As A Company "Dedicated To Building Quality Roofs, Providing Exceptional Service, And Being Honest, Fair And Generous With All The People Who Build Those Roofs And Provide That Service."


"One Thing Has Never Changed, And That's Our Dedication To Customers, Employees And Everyone Else Who Makes It Possible For Us To Do The Things We Do."

What We Do


We offer a large menu of contractor and construction services including not just roofing and re-roofing, but rain gutters, repairs, maintenance and solar generation for the residential market in the Bay Area. Our expert team will work closely with you to help you find the very best solutions, products and services to fit any roofing need you may have.

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R E ROOFING proudly supports the community that has supported us for over 25 years and we continually look for new ways to give back to the greater Campbell area. Learn More about the organizations that R E ROOFING board members and employees have chosen to be a part of and donate their time, money, skills and leadership.

We’re extremely proud of the awards and accolades our team has earned during our 25+ years of work. This type of recognition makes us confident to help you with your roofing needs, no matter how big or small.

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Meet THe Team


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Everything you see happen, happens because Jodie schedules it. Every roof removal, every material delivery, every gutter installation/inspection, subcontractor coordination, and so much more.  Jodie is at the center of all communications, and is going to be the person that you speak to about your questions and/or concerns.

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Miles is usually the first person everyone meets. He’s our ‘Jerry Garcia’ and does the majority of our estimates. When you choose to hire us to build your new roof, miles provides Jodie with a copy of your agreement, drawings and/or pictures, names and phone numbers of any contractors with whom we’ll coordinate with, etc. Miles then coordinates the project details with other members of the team in order to make sure there are no surprise fees at the end of the job.

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Chuy is the liaison between managers, estimators, construction crews, clean-up personnel, as well as support personnel. He works closely with Jodie and oversees all field activities.  You can count on the job getting done right with Chuy making sure that everyone on the team is fulfilling their roles in the manner discussed with the customer.

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During construction, our crew requires a frequent supply of materials such as wood, metals, stucco, mortar, paint, and other materials. These items come from many different locations such as roofing supply houses, lumber yards, sheet metal fabricators, and hardware stores. Rick helps to transport many of these items. He also transports our debris trailers, while helping to clean up job sites during, and after construction.

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Roofing systems that demand unique attention will meet Yale. Having been with R E ROOFING since 2002, he controls the design and implementation of energy efficient or otherwise demanding projects. Yale and Miles Proctor led the R E ROOFING team to be Awarded and Ranked in 2017 as one of the country’s TOP 150 contractors.

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Journeyman Roofers

Trained For Anything

Providing the most important component to your roof is our dedicated staff of year-round journeyman roofers. This team carries top certifications from major manufactures and construction institutes.   These are the roofers that are going to handle the toughest jobs at R E ROOFING.  Likewise, you can trust that our company is the best choice for your roofing needs.

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Chairman, Managing Officer and Estimator

Paul is the founder of R E ROOFING. At one point, he did all the jobs listed above. He was Jodie, Chuy, Rick, Miles and Yale rolled into one. As the company grew – and his wife and sons joined the R E Roofing team – his responsibilities shifted.

Today, for example, he oversees the company’s safety program. Paul also helps shepherd customers through the “waiting period,” from the order date, to the time Jodie takes over as project manager. He’ll welcome you, and thank you for your order. He’ll send you important reminders, and he’ll emphasize the “Who’s Who at R E ROOFING.” It’s his belief that customers want to know they have not been forgotten, and the most effective way to do this is to allow customers to be heard.

Join The Team


We aren’t your typical roofing contractor —we are different; and it all starts with our people. We set high standards for all of our employees, from estimators to service and maintenance crews, from technicians to truck drivers. After aggressively seeking out the roofing industry’s most qualified and experienced employees, we equip them with the most advanced, most suitable technological tools and materials for each job. Our team is always growing; see openings and submit your resume here to join the family — we'll be in touch.

Nuestro equipo siempre está creciendo; envíe su currículum aquí para unirse a la familia, nos pondremos en contacto.



Return calls fast, texted back promptly, confirm the appointment and came EARLY on the appointment day. Extremely communicative, very professional and fixed the issue with photos sent to my phone. I too own a small business and understand the difficulty of working and constant communication with clients especially during a busy season. But this is what sets you apart from the other competitors.

Michael S.

San Jose, CA


You know what a sense of relief is when you have a friend in the business? I own my own company and Miles was referred to me by my Neighbor! We had water coming down in buckets! He came out sealed it and repaired it. He also assured us that we did not need a new roof! We own several other properties and he brings us such comfort. He always answers his phone and no matter how busy he is he makes time for us! 

Angela F.

San Jose, CA


These guys are amazing! They came out to my house that I rent at and completely replaced my roof in 4 days! There was even unforeseen problems that they had to fix that they did not expect & it still did not affect their attitudes, quality of work, or job completion time. They went the extra mile to make sure I understood what the process was and that i was prepared in advance for their teams arrival.

Mitchell A.

San Jose, CA


We had R E Roofing replace our roof over the summer (July 2018).  What wonder service from Miles and his crew.   Miles was very knowledgeable and patience with us.  It took us a long time to move forward as we were doing our roof and solar at the same time.   The crew at RE Roofing is excellent.  Worked hard and completed the job on time.  Site was always cleaned up and Miles was great about checking in with us…

Tina D.

San Jose, CA


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